Corinth Canal

panoramic view

The Canal cuts the Isthmus of Corinth in a straight line 6346 m. long. Canal width is 24.6 m. at sea level and 21.3 m. at bottom level. Depth range is from 7.5 to 8 meters. Twelve million cubic meters of earth had to be removed to cut out the entire passage.
ship passing The rock formations in the flanks of the Corinth Canal are not uniform throughout. There are several geologic fissures which run in east-west direction at a vertical angle to the canal axis. These geologic features were responsible for a number of major landslides into the Canal at several instances. On account of these landfalls, the Canal often had to be dosed for repairs. From its beginning until 1940, the Canal had to be closed to traffic for a total of 4 years. The most serious such incident took place in 1923, when the Canal remained closed to traffic for 2 years on account of 41000 cubic meters of earth which had fallen in.

Another major interruption of operation occurred in 1944, when the retreating German Army set explosives to the flanks of the Canal and caused 60000 cubic meters of earth to cave in. To make repairs even more difficult, the Germans also sunk railroad cars into it. It took 5 years to clear the Canal for traffic then. The flow of waters in the Canal alters direction about every 6 hours. Usual current speed is 2.5 knots, rarely exceeding 3 knots.

canal The tide level shifts gradually without a set time pattern. High and low ebb points are not more than 60 centimetres apart.
There are 2 sinking bridges in the Corinth Canal today at Poseidonia and at Isthmia -- to facilitate land traffic over it.
Safety and economy! These prime objectives of modern entrepreneurial activity
are also basic service features for all Corinth Canal clients. The Canal is the most favourite itinerary for cargoes and transports among Mediterranean and Black Sea ports because it is the safest and cheapest access route to and from all destinations.
Finally, the Corinth Canal is also a region of considerable tourist attractions. Multitudes of vacationers from every race, creed or color converge here in a spirit of brotherhood to admire not only the gift from the hand of Nature but also the miracle worked out by the hand of man. They thus promote both the welfare of this region and the spirit of rapprochement among nations.