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Jeannie And Anna-Marie Thomas

Thank you so much for being an exceptional guide for the day to Delphi. You treated us like family and we really appreciate that you made sure we were comfortable and had a good time. Thanks again !

Jeannie/Anna Marie/Anna kathryn/Cliff
(New York)

Brandton Spector And Melissa Reister
Dear Dimitris, Thank you so much for making our staying in Athens such a memorable and positive experience ! The days we spent with you were some of our favorite times. You not only introduced us to your city but also immersed us to your culture.We were better able to enjoy and appreciate our time in Greece because of you.
Hopefully we will see each other again on another visit or possibly we can return the favor if you should ever choose to come and visit Colorado.
Take care and we wish you and your family the very best.Enjoy every moment with them and have good holidays too!
Brandon-Melissa (Honeymoon in Greece)
(Denver Colorado)

Randy Cook

Dimitris, my soul friend, Mr. Gadget, Dr. Athens-blackberry. The picture you sent me of all of us together brings tears to my eyes as I sit here in my US home. I  now realize how much you meant to me and my party. You made it personal to us from the beginning and that made all the difference. If you are ever anywhere in the US, please know that I will forever have your back,,, you have my numbers,,, I love you man.... You truly made our Greek experience a logistical paradise whisking our six person party from airport to hotel to port and then back again to airport three weeks later. This is my formal reference - please feel free to use me in any future US or other client endeavour you deem necessary. I will set them straight !
(Parker Colorado)
Bernadette And Christoph Hans

Dear Dimitris, thanks again for the beautiful tours we made with you to Delphi and Sounion. You showed us the beauties of your wonderful country, in a way, we will allways remember.
Sincerely Yours
swiss flag
Mr. And Mrs. Williams
Many thanks for your wonderful city-tour. Your group is the best in ATHENS! You know your history. I hope meet you again.
(New York)
Drift Dancing Group
We came for a special event in Greece-Mykonos. A great thanks for your great support!
south africa flag
(South Africa)
Dr. Wimonkam And Kharitthe Muargham

We're very happy to have you as our guide and great driver to our trip to Delphi.Thanks for the hospitality and we hope to meet you again in ATHENS. We are waiting for you in our country !

tahiland flag
Mr. Wolfgang Meyer

Thanks for the fantastic tour of Athens.It was great to see all the historic places like Acropolis,Panathenean stadium, Plaka....and many many others. Also i enjoyed the coffee we drunk together. Thanks for the day.

austria flag
Mr. Joaquim Garcia (Pullmantur Cruises)
Dimitri many thanks.You are not only the driver of one of the most known company in ATHENS but you are also a great guide in history.
spain flag

Mr. Pino And Friends

Caro Dimitri, Grazie del giro turistico per la cittá. Ne siamo rimasti veramente entusiasti. Ci ritorniamo presto.
italian flag
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