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The founder of the StarGroup, Mr. Jürgen Braun, has been based in Greece since 2009. In 2010 he founded today's StarGroup, initially as a sole proprietorship, and in the course of the expansion of the business areas, he established the StarGroup as a holding company in the market. Today, the StarGroup mainly deals with the administration of shares in the companies belonging to the group of companies, as well as with the development of start-ups and the associated investments.

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The StarGroup is a German-owned company based in Greece. In cooperation with the leading Greek banks, investments from home and abroad are managed and invested in the respective start-up companies.

In addition to the investments in start-ups, there are now (as of 12/2020) 4 companies in the group of companies. The companies operate in the areas of tourism, limousine service, online vehicle auctions and vehicle imports. You can find the links to the various companies under> the company group.

Our Services

StarTours Greece

StarTours Greece is part of the StarGroup Company

Star Automobile

Star Automobile is a StarGroup Company

Star Limos

Star Limos is a company of the StarGroup Company

Star Auction

Star Auction is a registered trademark of Star Automobile

The Company group


  • Star Tours Greece Star Tours Greece is part of the StarGroup Company

    StarTours cooperates with over 750 sales outlets (travel agencies) in Germany, of course direct online bookings are also possible worldwide on the website. There are day tours as well as multi-day tours on the Greek mainland. The fleet includes vehicles of the brands Mercedes and Audi, and tours from 1 person up to and including 18 people are offered, which are then carried out with the corresponding vehicles. For more information about the vehicle fleet and the current offers, visit our website:

  • StarAutomobile imports vehicles of all classes, mainly from Germany to Greece. We specialize in fleet purchases. The annual import volume is between 800 and 1200 vehicles. Are you a dealer and interested in working with us? Visit us on our website:

  • StarLimos is an online platform for reservation of limousines for trips exclusively in Greece. For airport shuttles, day trips, etc. Our vehicles can be booked for planned tours or transfers, of course by the hour without a fixed destination. Reservations can only be made via the StarLimosGR app. You can download these from Google Play or I-tunes, or directly from our website For more information, visit our website:

  • Star-Auction is an online auction platform for motor vehicles of all kinds. Only Star-Automobile vehicles are auctioned / sold via this platform, and this only in wholesaling, this means that only car dealers can bid or buy vehicles via this platform. For further information, opening a customer account or downloading the app, visit our website:


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